Hibon Blower Repairs & Rebuilding

Hibon SIAV 8702 Blower Repair & Rebuilding
Hibon Blower Repair And RebuildingHibon has a long history of supplying pressure and vacuum solutions that suit their customers’ exacting requirements.  Like anything mechanical the units do occasionally break down and need repair or rebuilding.  Who do you turn to for help?

PowerVac Inc. specializes in repairing and rebuilding Hibon Blower units back to the manufacturers original specifications.

Items We Check During A Rebuild:

  • Cylinder diameter
  • Bearing carrier diameter
  • Shaft journals and seats
  • Head plate surfaces
  • Rotor dimensions, length, and width

If your Hibon Blower unit is need of repair or rebuilding the team at PowerVac Inc. can get you up and running quickly.  In many cases we might have a re-manufactured Hibon Blower ready-to-go right now and we can get your equipment back up and running quickly.

Our experienced team can fix just about any problems you might be having with your Hibon Blower from mechanical failures due to lack of lubrication, excessive heat, normal wear-and-tear, rotor contact, water contamination, and more.

Hibon Blower Models We Repair, Rebuild & Sell Re-Manufactured Units

  • Hibon SIAV 8702
  • Hibon SIAV 840
  • VTB 805.XL
  • VTB 807.XL
  • VTB 810.XL
  • VTB 820.XL
  • VTB 822.XL
  • VTB 840.XL
  • SIAV/H 8902

If you’d like to have your Hibon blower serviced please give us a call (262) 542-8989 or fill out the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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