Industrial Water Pump Rebuilding & Repairs

High Pressure Industrial Water Pump Repair & Re-Manufacturing

Industrial Water Pump Rebuilding & Repair.Power Vac Inc. specializes in the repair and re-manufacturing of high pressure industrial pumps that are used in sewer cleaning,  oil and gas production, commercial car washes, water treatment plants, hydrostatic testing, fracking, food processing, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, and many other applications that require heavy duty, high pressure liquid pumps that can stand up in demanding and hostile environments.

Water Pump Brands We Repair Or Re-Manufacture:

  • Myers (Pentair)
  • General Pump

Re-Manufactured Pumps We Stock:

  • Myers D65-20 Complete Pump
  • Myers D65-20 Power End/ Wet end
  • Myers D65-20 Complete Pump
  • Myers DP-80
  • Myers DP-65


  • Nationwide service with 2-4 week turnaround time
  • OEM replacement parts with most in stock
  • Full one-year parts and labor warranty
  • Exchanges available

GENERAL PUMP is the world leader in plunger pump products for pressure washers, high pressure cleaning, car wash, reverse osmosis/desalination, and industrial process applications. With over 3.5 million General high pressure plunger pumps in service globally, General / Interpump is known for design ingenuity, outstanding material quality, and superior construction.

If you’d like to have your high pressure industrial water pump serviced please give us a call (262) 542-8989 or fill out the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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