Roots Blower Repair & Rebuilding

Dresser-Roots blowers are some of the most reliable in the industry but like anything mechanical they can fail due to a number of reasons from poor lubrication, water contamination in the oil, excessive heat, or even poor assembly practices.  If you're having problems with your roots blower it's costing your business money and you can't afford to have down-time.

PowerVac Inc. specializes in repairing and rebuilding Roots Blower units that have failed or have been damaged.  We can get your Roots Blower back to the manufacturers original specifications and back into your equipment quickly so you can get back to work.  Our typical turn-around on a Roots Blower is 2-4 weeks and if you're in a hurry we can sell and ship a re-manufactured unit out quickly for minimal downtime.

Items We Check During A Rebuild:

  • Cylinder diameter
  • Bearing carrier diameter
  • Shaft journals and seats
  • Head plate surfaces
  • Rotor dimensions, length, and width

Roots Blower Models We Repair Or Rebuild:

  • Roots 1021 DVJ
  • Roots 824 RCS
  • Roots 1024 RAS
  • Roots 616 DVJ
  • Roots 1021 RAS

If you'd like to have your Roots blower serviced please give us a call (262) 542-8989 or fill out the contact form and we'll get right back to you.

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